GM Spinner Screen



The GM Spinner Screen is a two-piece panel that enables the Game Master to easily share information with the players. Want to track turn order or status effects where everyone can see them easily? Have a map of the realm the players or you need to reference? Simply hang it on the swivel screen with the magnets and you’re good to go! 


  • Panel rotates on a smooth gliding ball bearing base

  • Can be used in landscape or portrait orientation. Simply slide the panel into the rotating base and the inlaid magnets automatically snap into place. No awkward reassembly or pins to insert.

  • Freestanding, no need to attach to other GM Screen modules. Maximum flexibility.

  • Message hanging magnets included

  • Available in Mahogany, Cherry, or Maple

  • Choice of artisan carving designs or your choice of engraving (See pictures for carving and engraving choices)





5/8" W x 13" L x 10-1/2" H

Swivel Base:

7-11/16" W x 10-1/2" L x 2-3/8" H


7-11/16" W x 13" L x 12" H (Landscape)
7-11/16" W x 10-1/2" L x 14-1/2" H (Portrait)



Each Board Geeks Gaming item is a unique natural creation. The grain and coloration will vary slightly in appearance from the photos, ensuring that your piece is one of a kind.

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